Physician Jobs

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Physician Jobs

AMSURG is the largest operator of ambulatory surgery centers in the U.S., and we partner with more than 1,800 physicians.

Whether you are a physician ready to establish your first practice or are looking for a change in your present practice situation, use our convenient practice locator to see if there are any openings among AmSurgAMSURG-affiliated practices that fit your preferences.

Why join an AMSURG-affiliated ASC:

  • Potential additional income opportunity from facility fees, further enhanced by our proven management expertise. Studies confirm that reimbursement rates for centers with a corporate partner are higher than those of independent ASCs where physicians have to sacrifice patient care time and attend to management duties.
  • A model that allows us to pass on cost savings to deliver a high-quality choice at one of the lowest, if not the lowest, cost in our markets - very important for patients who have co-pays or Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and employers who must control health care costs.
  • Tighter and more efficient scheduling than a hospital O.R. can offer, more aligned with your clinical priorities.
  • Less time traveling to the procedure site (most centers are adjacent to the practice) and more time for direct patient care.
  • Stability: We're one of the most experienced ASC operators and have been highly ranked in Forbes' 200 Best Small Companies for numerous years; we're here to stay and grow.
  • Consistently high patient satisfaction scores, typically in excess of "satisfaction" ratings for any industry.
  • Unparalleled expertise in managing ASCs, we set the best practices standards with consistently high accreditation scores.
Interested in current opportunities?
Nancy Rogers
Associate Vice President of Physician Recruitment
20 Burton Hills Boulevard, Suite 500
Nashville, Tennessee 37215
Phone: 615.240.3716
Fax: 615.234.1716