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Looking for a Surgery Center Partner?

AMSURG is the leading surgery center management and development company that not only originated the premier physician partnership model but also continues to deliver innovations in surgery center operations today. All AMSURG partnerships are built on a foundation of trust, communication and collaboration. AMSURG builds on more than two decades of experience to ensure that every center is operated smoothly and profitably. The strength of our portfolio, along with our trusted expertise, makes us the global leader in ambulatory surgery.

Are you a physician looking to sell an ownership interest in your surgery center or build a new center? Click here to learn more about Physician Partnerships.

AMSURG creates strategic opportunities that allow physicians to adapt and grow in this rapidly changing health care environment. AMSURG provides the infrastructure, financial backing and expertise that allow a surgery center and its physician partners to survive and compete in their local health care market.

What sets us apart?  In our traditional partnership with physicians, the surgery center is operated under a consensus management model, with equal representation from the physician partners and AMSURG.

Looking for a Hospital/Health Systems Partner?

AMSURG is committed to partnering with physicians in physician-owned surgery centers.  However, acknowledging the essential role hospitals can play in the success of surgery centers in certain markets, AMSURG also offers the flexibility to explore partnerships with hospitals and health systems. Click here to contact us to learn more about Hospital/Health System Partnerships.

Are you a hospital or health system executive interested in exploring surgery center joint ventures? AMSURG delivers outpatient surgery strategies to meet the needs of hospitals and health systems to improve physician and patient engagement and satisfaction. AMSURG provides the operational expertise for successful joint venture surgery center partnerships.

What sets us apart? Our more than 20 years of experience in creating and cultivating collaborative business relationships distinguishes AMSURG from other surgery center management companies. AMSURG takes a market-based approach to establishing mutually beneficial three-way joint venture partnerships between suitable health systems or hospitals, surgery centers and AMSURG.