AMSURG Drives Better Patient Engagement through Patient Connect

When patients are actively engaged in their healthcare, they contribute to better outcomes and have overall better health. This is why AMSURG’s Patient Connect platform relies on a patient’s own clinical data to drive participation and compliance with medical recommendations.

A recent pilot of the program asked whether providing expanded clinical information at the time of recall, such as findings from a previous screening colonoscopy, along with an enhanced patient experience produces a substantially improved patient recall success rate. The answer, overwhelmingly, was yes.

The participating pilot centers and practices were running the full spectrum of patient recall programs with existing recall levels ranging from zero to 25 percent. After implementing Patient Connect, AMSURG was able to increase the recall rate at all participating centers to approximately 40 percent.

“Patients are more engaged in their own healthcare decisions than ever before,” said Kathy Wilson, Vice President, Clinical Quality. “Given the massive amount of healthcare cost attributed to behavioral choices, this is an area where we can make a big impact.”

The initial stage of this program interfaces with GIQuIC data and focuses on GI patient recall, but the long-term benefit of this program lies in its flexibility. In the future, AMSURG can expand the program to work in any specialty and provide communication options and journeys customized to each patient.

“We are bringing together all of the disparate solutions that focus on one element of the patient communication market and providing our partners with a flexible platform that will not be available, or easily replicated, by competing groups. That, combined with our vast knowledge and understanding of how today’s patients want to manage and communicate about their health, will not only give our partners a competitive advantage, but it will help us in our ongoing aims to better serve our patients and drive down colon cancer mortality rates,” said Sara Sweitzer, Senior Director, Patient Contact Solutions.

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