How a corporate partnership can bring ASCs to the next level

When it comes to ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), the right corporate partnership can make the difference between surviving and thriving. Ophthalmologist Kerry Solomon, M.D., of the Physicians’ Eye Surgery Center in Charleston, S.C., believes that AMSURG has been his center’s key to success.

“I think what makes AMSURG a good partner is they understand the eye business. I think they also understand the importance of having a true partnership with physicians. Not everybody does that,” he said. “Prior to my being here I was at a corporate entity, a university-based hospital, and it really was not the case. It’s hard to have a corporate entity understand your business, yet let you do what you want to do.”

Dr. Solomon shared some of his initial concerns when considering a corporate partnership with AMSURG, but explains that his uncertainties were quickly put to rest. “When we owned 100 percent of the center, we were ok to make investments in new technology or new things, regardless of the expense, if we felt it was in the best interest of our patients. Yet we were concerned that bringing a corporate partner in may alter that,” he explained. “But everyone I called said that’s absolutely not the case with AMSURG. In fact, your day-to-day running will be no different than it ever was, and your decision making should be pretty similar to the way it always was, yet AMSURG provides great resources if you need them. And that really has been exactly the case.”

Regarding the future of his practice, Solomon feels certain that AMSURG will be a key component helping them advance to new levels. “There’s no question AMSURG is going to bring us to new places in the future. We can already see it as we’re looking to position ourselves for accountability care organizations and the Affordable Care Act and things along those lines. I do think they’ll be able to help us in negotiations.”

“The partnership is going better than I thought it could possibly be going, and I really went into the partnership with a lot of comfort and a lot of reassurance and a great deal of confidence that this would be successful,” Solomon explained. “They’re good people. They understand the business. They’re good to work with.”

Solomon is a well-recognized leader in ophthalmology, specializing in LASIK vision correction and cataract surgery. He was awarded TOP Doctor by US News & World Report in 2013 and currently serves on the editorial board of Premier Surgeon magazine.

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