Case Study

Reduction of ASC Turnover Time Decreases Patient Wait Time and Clinical Costs

At AMSURG, we’ve been partnering with physicians to improve ASC operations for more than 25 years. That experience translates to time savings and improved satisfaction for our physician partners.

The changes AMSURG implemented significantly improved our overall efficiency. Labor is better utilized with the rooms cleared on time. Patients are also more satisfied, as it decreased their wait time for procedures. They frequently comment on the smoothness of the process, as it only takes about 90 minutes total.

Tameika Anderson, MSN, RN

A Florida ASC management team wanted to improve their patient satisfaction results. They collaborated with AMSURG operational leadership to conduct an analysis of the center’s key metrics affecting turnover time, focusing on the flow of patients, clinical staff and physicians.

The center management team identified issues with patient flow and procedure room turnover times that created:

  • Procedure delays
  • Long patient wait time
  • High clinical costs

Benefits of Partnering with AMSURG

Utilizing AMSURG’s proven strategies for operational efficiency, the team delivered:

reduction in procedure room turnovers

reduction in clinical salaries

reduction in patient time at the ASC

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