7 Ways Potential Patients Can Assess ASC Quality

Did you know that you as a patient have more ways than ever before to assess quality before choosing an ambulatory surgery center? Here are at least seven ways you can investigate a surgery center for a little peace of mind before undergoing a surgery or procedure:

  • Is the centerMedicare certified?
  • Is the center accredited?
  • Does the center participate in any quality reporting?
  • Is the physician who will perform your procedure board certified or board eligible?
  • Does your insurance company provide any quality data or recommendations? (Helpful hint: Some insurance companies also provide data to help you compare costs between facilities that provide surgical care).
  • Have you checked your favorite, reliable online review site? It’s probably a good idea to consider all online reviews with a critical eye. However, there are enough credible sites and reviewers out there to potentially provide you with some helpful insights.
  • Have you checked your ASC’s website? More and more surgery centers are presenting quality, patient satisfaction and/or cost comparison information on their websites in order to provide useful information to potential patients.

With health care reform and increasing transparency, there are more and more resources being devoted to developing reliable and easy-to-use tools for patients to make better informed choices on quality (and cost). We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the quality care available at AMSURG surgery centers. Our never-ending commitment to quality patient care is not just in providing the care, but also in proving the quality.