AAAHC Successful Surveys: Ten Centers in Seven States

congrats amsurg partners

Gateway Surgery Center of Phoenix, Ariz. (Oct. 7-8)

North Valley Endoscopy Center of Phoenix, Ariz. (Oct. 14-15)

Surgery Center of Melbourne, Fla. (Oct. 14-15)

Northwest Florida Gastroenterology Center of Panama City, Fla. (Oct. 15-16)

Endoscopy Center of Ocala of Ocala, Fla. (Oct. 20-21)

Wilton Surgery Center of Wilton, Conn. (Oct. 20-21)

United Surgery Center of Temecula, Calif. (Oct. 29-30)

Mid-South Endoscopy Center of Columbia, Tenn. (Nov. 3-4)

The Surgery Center of Middle Tennessee of Columbia, Tenn. (Nov. 3-4)

Bluegrass Surgery and Laser Center of Louisville, Ky. (Nov. 17-18)