All AMSURG Centers Compliant with New ASC Quality Reporting Requirements

CMS has released information about the first Medicare payment update that is based on quality reporting. In order to receive the full payment update for 2014, surgery centers were required to start coding Medicare bills with Quality Data Codes related to:
  • Patient Burns
  • Patient Falls
  • Wrong Site Surgery
  • Hospital Transfers
  • Prophylactic IV Antibiotic Timing
This is one component of the ASC Quality Reporting Program. Additional measures being reported include:
  • Use of Safety Checklist
  • Annual volume of designated procedures
More quality measures will be added to the program each year. AMSURG is monitoring the development of these standards through its leadership role within the ASC Quality Collaboration, which establishes ASC quality measures.
One hundred percent of AMSURG centers will receive the full payment update for 2014. This was accomplished through education, support and tracking of the quality data code submissions for each center. We continue to educate our centers regarding the CMS measures and support the collection of data. This is monitored to ensure that all AMSURG centers are in compliance on an ongoing basis and will continue to receive the maximum amount of payment tied to quality reporting.
Nationally, ASCs that did not meet the criteria for the 2014 ASC Quality Reporting  Program will receive a 2.0 percentage point reduction of the CY 2014 APU.