AmSurg ASC featured as first laser cataract surgery center in Louisiana

Stephen Brint, M.D., Ambulatory Eye Surgery Center of Louisiana, is featured on WWL-TV’s Medical Watch. In the story “Medical Watch: Cataract surgery at a much younger age,” Brint’s patient is followed through catarct surgery where Brint uses the LenSx Laser.

“‘With the new lenses that we can put in, we can accomplish so many things, that especially the baby boomer generation, who denies the fact that they are a baby boomer generation and doesn’t want to wear glasses or contacts, gives us a new way of correcting that if they are not suitable for LASIK (Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis),’ explained Dr. Brint, an ophthalmologist in Metairie at the Ambulatory Eye Surgery Center of Louisiana. This is the first facility in Southern Louisiana and Mississippi to have the LenSx.”

Full Story from WWL-TV