AMSURG Celebrates Earth Day

earth day 2016AMSURG celebrates Earth Day by continuing efforts to deliver the highest quality patient care while implementing sustainable practices for our employees and the environment. Reducing AMSURG’s carbon footprint was one of the priorities in designing and developing the new corporate headquarters in Nashville, Tenn.

The building is a Gold Certified LEED building and AMSURG follows all applicable regulations related to design and operations. During the design and development of the building: 78 percent of construction debris were diverted from landfill during construction, 31 percent of all construction materials contained recycled content, low-flow and low-flush plumbing fixtures were installed in all restroom and break areas, and energy-efficient, predominantly LED light fixtures were installed throughout the building.

AMSURG’s commitment to positively impacting the environment also extends to the company’s ambulatory survey centers (ASCs). The ASCs generate smaller carbon footprints than providers who require much larger spaces to perform procedures.

We hope you will join us in celebrating our planet. Happy Earth Day from AMSURG!