AMSURG Continues to Demonstrate Commitment to its Partners by Investing in Femtosecond Laser Technology

As the U.S. leader in cataract surgery, AMSURG has demonstrated continued commitment to its partners by investing in femtosecond laser technology across the country.

Starting in September 2012, AMSURG partnerships installed Alcon’s LenSx femtosecond laser in five surgery centers. Early results were promising, so the pilot continued to expand. As of July 2014, there are 17 femtosecond lasers in AMSURG centers, including eight Alcon LenSx, three AMO Catalys, one LensAR and five SightPath (with LenSx).

Two years later, AMSURG and its partners have performed over 5,000 laser assisted cataract surgeries, the most of any organization in the country. Along the way, we have learned:

  • In 2013, AMSURG centers with lasers grew three points faster than non-laser centers. Thirty to 40 percent of all laser procedures are done with a conventional lens.
  • In our laser centers, on average 13 to 15 percent of patients chose laser cataract surgery.
  • Using the laser does impact efficiency. Femtosecond laser is an extra step which seems to results in one less cataract for every 3 to 5 lasers done in a day.

It is important that multiple physicians have buy-in with either performing or referring laser cases. Relying on one physician to drive all the laser volume is risky. Also, practice staff education and buy-in is critical. Laser patient flow efficiency is greater if the laser is located in a separate procedure room versus in the operating room (OR). It is estimated that approximately 125,000 international femtosecond laser procedures have been completed to date and the femtosecond laser market is expected to grow to a $2.4 billion industry by 2019.