AMSURG Employees Make A Wish Come True

More than one hundred AMSURG employees cheered as Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee recipient Fiona arrived at the Nashville corporate office amid a chocolate-themed celebration. From April to June, employees contributed to fulfill Fiona’s wish of visiting Disneyland with her family, an effort that culminated in the reveal party on Thursday, June 23.

Fiona, a sixteen-year-old Nashville senior, has been recognized for her academic achievement in the sciences and is spending the summer researching Zika virus at Vanderbilt University. She and her parents, Francie and Ryan, spoke to AMSURG employees about their journey with osteogenesis imperfecta, Fiona’s goals for the future, and their excitement for the upcoming trip to Anaheim, Calif.

Ambulatory Services President Phillip Clendenin welcomed Fiona and her family and spoke about AMSURG’s commitment to supporting Make-A-Wish.

Because of Fiona’s interest in science, she also received a tour of the mock surgery center in the Nashville corporate office. Senior Director of Facilities Management and Construction John Trocino explained the types of procedures completed in ASCs and demonstrated some of the medical equipment used in colonoscopy and cataract procedures.