AMSURG Employees Support Habitat for Humanity

On Saturday, Sept. 27, 18 AMSURG employees, family members and friends participated again in a Habitat for Humanity project in Nashville. The AMSURG group worked with the deserving new homeowner, an immigrant from Ethiopia, as well as her family and friends to put some finishing touches on the yard and interior of the house.

AMSURG Accounts Payable Processor Leah Liebelt observed of the new homeowner, “It was so great to see how excited she was about their new home. She was in the middle of every project, whether it was digging holes for plants, using the pickaxe to get the tree in the ground, laying sod or installing door handles. She wanted to try everything!”

AMSURG team members unleashed their previously unknown home renovation talents or discovered new skills in the course of their workday, with one participant described as a “nail gun superhero” and another as a new “master at coping trim.”

With such enthusiastic participants, the work crew completed their assignments earlier than anticipated. AMSURG Administrative Services Assistant Amber Neal said, “It was such a beautiful day to help out. We loved seeing the family and friends involved in ‘breaking ground’ to new beginnings where they will be able to grow and thrive as a family.”