AMSURG Employees Volunteer at Nashville Rescue Mission

On Friday, Nov. 14, six volunteers from AMSURG’s Central Billing Office (CBO) served lunch at the Nashville Rescue Mission. Members of the CBO’s Employee Activities Team have adopted the Mission, which serves Nashville’s homeless community, as their special focus and have volunteered there every year since 2012.

Three of the volunteers served lunch in the food line while the other three worked in the dining room. All hopefully left with a meaningful experience, organizer Lindsay Russell said.

“Most of the men that go to the mission are just people that have gotten off track. Some traumatic event has happened in their life and gotten them off course, so yes, especially in this weather, seeing men come in from off the street and knowing they’re going back out into the cold weather on the street and you’re going home is sad. At the same time though, it’s inspiring. You think that your life is hard and you have problems, then you look at them. They have hardly anything yet still get up every day and make an effort to better themselves regardless of the circumstances. That is inspiring, and that is why I go back,” Russell said. “I can put my emotions aside for a few hours to help these men, no matter how insignificant serving a meal may seem, put their lives back together one step at a time. The men that live at the mission and are in the program are so dedicated to work together to make each meal successful. It’s awesome to see men of all different backgrounds working together for one cause.”

Pictured above: AMSURG CBO volunteers at the Mission (left to right):  Kisha Stewart, Lindsay Russell, Michelle Burton, Theresa Johnson, Lindsay Franklin and Jessica Reed