AMSURG Joins with Healthcare Bluebook to Make Healthcare Shopping Easier

An early proponent of Healthcare Bluebook (HCBB), AMSURG was proud to be at the March 14 launch of their new healthcare marketplace price and quality tool for consumers in NashvilleAMSURG President Phillip Clendenin spoke at the event, emphasizing the consumer benefits of this tool. “It’s easier for healthcare insiders to understand how to shop for healthcare,” said Clendenin. “But this tool turns all consumers into insiders.”  

HCBB demystifies health system pricing and quality ratings, helping consumers find high-quality care at a fair price. Through their new marketplace comparison tool, which is free to all Nashville healthcare consumers, the company plans to help the city’s nearly two million residents save up to $50 million annually by shifting care to lower cost settings without compromising quality.

HCBB evaluates price and quality to determine a provider’s market value. Value Certified Providers are designated as high-quality care providers while a Green Light designation indicates fair market pricing. AMSURG centers were the first Value Certified Providers in Nashville. A majority of AMSURG centers across the country have received Healthcare Bluebook’s Green Light designation, recognizing the organization’s commitment to high-quality, affordable healthcare.  

Healthcare Bluebook is creating a more transparent marketplace that will decrease healthcare costs, increase consumer choice and improve patient experience.  

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