AMSURG Partner Dr. David Bailie Named Chief Medical Officer and Chairman of Advisory Board for Integrated Endoscopy, Inc.

AMSURG partner David Bailie, M.D., The Orthopedic Surgery Center of Arizona in Phoenix, was named chief medical officer and chairman of the surgeon advisory board for Integrated Endoscopy, Inc.

“We are pleased that David Bailie is joining Integrated Endoscopy’s team of established and highly accomplished business and clinical leaders,” said Brad Sharp, chief executive officer of Integrated Endoscopy. “Dr. Bailie’s extraordinary medical expertise and leadership will be invaluable as we work to educate the marketplace about our next-generation single-use arthroscope portfolio and other advanced technologies that will lead to a paradigm shift in the way ORs operate.”

Integrated Endoscopy developed the nuvis™ Single-Use Arthoscope, a single-use endoscope featuring glass molded lenses and optics.

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