AMSURG Partner Dr. David Novick Releases GI Book in April

AMSURG partner David Novick, M.D., of Digestive Endoscopy Center in Kettering, Ohio, releases his new book on April 8 this year. His book, titled A Gastroenterologist’s Guide to Gut Health: Everything You Need to Know About Colonoscopy, Digestive Diseases, and Healthy Eating, is a guide to educating patients on gastroenterological (GI) issues as well as provide nutritional guidelines for optimum GI health.

novick20book20cover.jpg“In my practice, I can sit down with my patients and have a detailed, purpose-driven conversation,” said Dr. Novick. “I attempt to do something similar in my book by using tools such as text boxes and bullet points to organize the information, and I include a glossary to provide definitions of medical terms that may be confusing. I also use tables, diagrams and even pictures that were taken during GI procedures.”

To get more information about the book, watch the book trailer.

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