AMSURG Partner Dr. Matthew Eidem Explains Why Colon Cancer Screening Participation Lags Behind Breast Cancer Screening

AMSURG partner Matthew Eidem, M.D., Park Ventura Endoscopy Center, explained why there is a higher percentage of women being up-to-date with their breast health screenings than their colon cancer screenings. In the United States, 72 percent of women report being up-to-date with breast health screenings and only a little more than half could say the same about colon cancer screenings. Eidem discussed, in a recent article, the barriers for colorectal screening and offered some opportunities to increase colon cancer screening.

“As physicians we need to increase our patients’ awareness to practicing preventive health care, especially for diseases like colon cancer, where early detection can literally be the difference between life and death,” said Eidem.

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