AMSURG Partner Dr. Neelima Reddy Advises Patients to Ask Their Doctors, Not Google

AMSURG partner Neelima Reddy, M.D., of Louisiana Endoscopy Center in Baton Rouge, tells patients that the answer to their medical problems are not on the internet.

“If you just Google ‘abdominal pain’ and it gives you 100 causes, how do you know which one is for you?” Reddy said in a recent article in The New Orleans Advocate. “Our job is to figure out which one applies to you. Freaking out will only make it worse.”

Reddy also shared the top 5 questions patients ask and her answers:

  1. How do I stop constipation?
  2. Do I really need a colonoscopy?
  3. Is a colonoscopy painful?
  4. What are symptoms of colon cancer?
  5. Is colon cancer hereditary?

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