AMSURG Partner Dr. Todd Brockman Implanted the Nation’s First IMT Lens

AMSURG partner Todd Brockman, M.D. Eye Surgery Center of Tulsa, did the first Medicare reimbursable IMT (implantable miniature telescope lens) in the nation earlier this year. The innovative telescope lens is designed for patients in end-stage age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in older Americans. Medicare covers this procedure, along with many major Medicare Advantage plans. The CPT code 0308T covers the cost of the rather expensive implant. Surgeon reimbursement commonly approximates keratoprosthesis rates. The implant inserted is from CentraSight, whose clinical studies showed patients had a clinically significant improvement in quality of life. After surgery, patients work with low vision specialists to learn to use their new vision to support their everyday activities.

Congratulations to Dr. Brockman, as well as Center Leader Karen Cercy and her team, for their continuing innovation and commitment to their patients.