AMSURG Promotes Cataract Awareness Month

AMSURG is committed to educating Americans on the importance of protecting their vision and seeking regular eye care. Given the slow development of age-related cataracts, AMSURG will be utilizing Cataract Awareness month to promote two key patient education initiatives:

  1. Cataract Symptoms Facebook ad campaign will encourage seniors to visit to learn more about cataracts and their symptoms. Patients can take the new cataract symptoms quiz on This quiz will offer senior audiences the chance to determine if they are experiencing symptoms, and also provide them with an opportunity to learn more about cataracts. Last year’s Facebook campaign reached over a quarter million people.
  2. Distributing a new patient education brochure to our centers, Diabetes and Your EyesAn important theme in the new brochure is how diabetes increases the risk for cataracts, as well as many other eye conditions.

In January, we supported Glaucoma Awareness month with Facebook ads promoting a Glaucoma Risk Assessment that was recently added to In that month, over 300,000 people saw the ads on Facebook. Tens of thousands clicked through to to determine their glaucoma risk.