AMSURG Represented in Nashville Technology Council’s Emerging Leaders in IT Program

ELITE Pic Andy Sisco and Rusty StrangeAndy Sisco, Vice President of Information Technology, and Rusty Strange, Vice President of IT Infrastructure and Operations, recently completed the Nashville Technology Council’s Emerging Leaders in IT Program (ELITE), as mentor and participant respectively. ELITE is a leadership development resource focused on building, attracting and retaining technology talent for the Nashville community, particularly focusing on the talented individuals already residing in Nashville.

Andy and Rusty had tough competition to gain acceptance into the six-month leadership program. Each committed to biweekly meetings that focused on training, peer-to-peer learning and executive mentorship. “During the program, leadership styles and principles were the themes that I enjoyed and resonated with me,” Rusty said. “Several guest speakers and mentors shared different perspectives from their experience and environments that helped to shape their approach to leadership, which I found very helpful.”

Both Andy and Rusty explained that the program provided a great experience and each gained new insights, resources and information. “I gained an appreciation for the value of mentoring. Mentoring is a great learning experience. Not only do you learn a great deal from others, you learn a great deal about yourself in the process,” Andy explained. “I would recommend everyone find a mentor to help them in their careers. I would also recommend that everyone find someone who is less experienced to mentor. Sharing your experiences with others is a great way to incorporate them into your own narrative.”

Rusty’s main take away from ELITE centered on the growth of the city. “Nashville is a thriving tech community that continues to grow, adapt and innovate with the growth of the city,” he said. “The city is committed to nurturing the next generation of leadership through programs like this one. The willingness to embrace technology, recognize the role it will play in the future of Nashville and invest in attracting and developing talent is exciting for me.”

Both Andy and Rusty are a part of the Nashville Technology Council and Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. Andy is also a member of the Nashville Healthcare Council, Leadership Healthcare and the Information System Security Association.