Analyzing Patient Data to Improve Colon Cancer Outcomes

AMSURG’s Eric Thrailkill, chief information officer, Meg Morgan, vice president of operations, and Kimberly Franks, vice president of information technology, participated in the Analytics Walkabout of the Healthcare Analytics Summit in Salt Lake City. The AMSURG team was one of 32 presentations during the Walkabouts, designed to spotlight leading healthcare organizations’ use of data to improve patient outcomes, reduce population costs and improve the patient experience.

20160906_153626_resized.jpgThe AMSURG team presented “Analyzing Patient Data to Improve Colon Cancer Outcomes,” highlighting data from AMSURG centers participating in GIQuIC combined with data transformation and visualization services provided by AMSURG Information Technology. The trio discussed utilizing AMSURG’s aligned operations and clinical services teams to present data to affiliated physician partners to improve research, process and outcome measures at the surgery and endoscopy centers. The AMSURG team was able to show two different markets utilizing geospatial visualization to highlight colon cancer screening age and procedure risk assessment. Of particular interest to the many attendees from the conference was the ability to map clinical results against socioeconomic factors, including household income and education level obtained.

As the transition from volume to value occurs at differing paces across the country, leading healthcare organizations are paying particular interest to the estimated 70 to 80 percent of healthcare factors affecting life span and quality of life that are influenced by the individual patient’s health behaviors and socioeconomic factors.  “Analytics, combined with the AMSURG organizational structure, is clearly an advantage to improving population health and positioning the AMSURG centers for value-based reimbursement models,” Morgan said.

“The opportunity to join leading healthcare organizations such as Allina Healthcare, Stanford University, Partners Healthcare and Indiana University was a very rewarding experience for the three of us,” Thrailkill said. “We look forward to expanding our presentation with demonstration of improvements in community screening rates and potentially lowering the average colon cancer screening age in 2017.”

More than 1,000 individuals attended the Healthcare Analytics Summit, the third annual conference sponsored by leading healthcare data warehousing and analytics company, HealthCatalyst.