Blue Cross Blue Shield Report Shows Cost Savings in Outpatient Surgery Settings

Outpatient settings provide reduced costs to patients when compared to the same procedures performed at a hospital, according to a Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBSA) report analyzing claims data from 2010 to 2014.

The study quantified average out-of-pocket cost savings for Blue Cross Blue Shield customers choosing one of four common elective procedures in an outpatient surgery facility instead of an inpatient setting:

  • $320 per lumbar/spine surgery
  • $483 per hysterectomy
  • $924 per gallbladder removal
  • $1,062 per angioplasty

“Performing procedures in the outpatient setting will continue to provide valuable cost savings,” said Maureen Sullivan, chief strategy officer and senior vice president of strategic services for BCBSA. “For appropriate patients, outpatient surgery has been shown to be safe and effective, achieving similar or better outcomes as inpatient procedures while allowing patients to spend less time in a medical facility, recover faster and incur less pain.”

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