Cataract Innovator: Anesthesia

Congratulations to the centers listed below for achieving Cataract Innovator™ status for Anesthesia. Cataract Innovator is the gold standard for AMSURG ophthalmology centers; it is also a program designed to assist AMSURG ophthalmology centers in the process of achieving Cataract Innovator status.   To be considered a Cataract Innovator for Anesthesia, the following must be in place at the center:Consider no routine IV for every patient – Select patients receive Pre Op oral anti-anxiety medication, i.e. Ativan, Liquid Versed, Valium instead of routinely administering IV sedation(IV would be needed for Blocks)Use of Topical Drops is the primary type of anesthesia used for cataract surgeryCenter reviews drug purchases on a quarterly basis to determine best pricing/less costly alternatives/generics/vendors  & utilizes AMSURG resources for assistanceEKGs are not performed by the ASC – Cardiology clearance is obtained from PCP or cardiologist if needed   Cataract Innovator Centers for Anesthesia:   Physicians’ Eye Surgery Center Charleston, S.C. Center Leader: Jennifer Blanton   The Montgomery Eye Surgery Center Montgomery Ala. Center Leader: Deborah Cauthen   AMSURG Ophthalmology centers have access to the Cataract Innovator training program. Want to learn how your center can become a Cataract Innovator? Contact your Operations Lead.