Cataract Innovator: Post Op Calls

Congratulations to the centers listed below for reaching the status of Cataract Innovatorâ„¢ for the Post Op Calls module. Cataract Innovator is the gold standard for AMSURG ophthalmology centers; it is also a program designed to assist AMSURG ophthalmology centers in the process of achieving Cataract Innovator status.

To be considered a Cataract Innovator for Post Op Calls, the following must be in place at the center:

  • A process in place by which the physician practice notifies the surgery center of any infection or Post Op complication found during Post Op visit and this information is documented in patient record or
  • Utilizing or considering an automated Post Op calling system such as ClientTell

Innovator Centers:

  • Eagle Eye Surgery and Laser Center Meridian, Idaho
  • EyeCare Consultants Surgery Center Evansville, Ind.
  • McCannel Eye Surgery Edina, MInn.
  • Minneapolis Eye Center Golden Valley, MInn.
  • St. Cloud Center for Ophthalmic Surgery St. Cloud, MInn.
  • Team Vision Surgery Center Wichita, Kan.
  • The Eye Surgery Center of Paducah Paducah, Ky.
  • The Montgomery Eye Surgery Center Montgomery, Ala.

AMSURG Ophthalmology centers have access to the Cataract Innovator training program.