Cataract Innovator: Post Op Patient Education

Congratulations to the centers listed below for reaching the status of Cataract Innovator™ for the Post Op Patient Education module. Cataract Innovator is the gold standard for AMSURG ophthalmology centers; it is also a program designed to assist AMSURG ophthalmology centers in the process of achieving Cataract Innovator status.

To be considered a Cataract Innovator for Post Op Patient Education, the following must be in place at the center:

  • A quick recap of the Post Op Education/Discharge instructions, which were provided to patient and family member during Pre Op phase, is reviewed with the patient and responsible party/family member in PACU
  • Post Op/Discharge instructions are standardized for all physicians – but with space to customize for particular patient needs
  • Post Op/Discharge instructions are thorough and easy to understand – which includes the eye drop schedule and pictures of medication bottles for better understanding once the patient is at home

Innovator Centers:

  • Kingston Surgery Center Kingston, Pa.
  • Physicians’ Eye Surgery Center Charleston, S.C.
  • Salem Laser and Surgery Center Salem, Ore.
  • The Eye Surgery Center Silver Spring, Md.
  • The Eye Surgery Center of Paducah Paducah, Ky.
  • The Montgomery Eye Surgery Center Montgomery, Ala.