Cataract Innovator: Pre Op Forms

Congratulations to the center listed below for achieving Cataract Innovator™ status for Pre Op Forms. Cataract Innovator is the gold standard for AMSURG ophthalmology centers; it is also a program designed to assist AMSURG ophthalmology centers in the process of achieving Cataract Innovator status.   To be considered a Cataract Innovator for Pre Op Forms, the following must be in place at the center:Center reviews and considers utilizing “Cataract Innovators” Pre Op Documentation Template Forms which ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and promotes efficiency by reducing redundancies orCenter has reviewed and compared current forms to the  “Cataract Innovators” Pre Op Forms and they meet the same criteria and efficiencies   Cataract Innovator Center for Pre Op Forms:   Outpatient Surgery Center of Boca Raton Boca Raton, Fla. Center Leader: Andrea Spoto   AMSURG Ophthalmology centers have access to the Cataract Innovator training program. Want to learn how your center can become a Cataract Innovator? Contact your Operations Lead.