Cataract Innovators

By Division Vice President, Operations Chad M. Veal

Are you a Cataract Innovator? This was the question we asked Center Leader’s at this year’s Annual AMSURG Center Leader Conference in October. Ophthalmology is a fast changing business with a high level of innovation. We are constantly looking for new ideas and ways to improve our quality and efficiency, so we can share them with our physician partners and Center Leaders across the country.

For 2013, AMSURG centers are projected to do over 100,000 cataracts! That makes us the largest cataract provider in the country. Early this year, the AMSURG ophthalmology team started gathering and researching innovative cataract surgery practices from across the country. Our goal is to offer your center the most innovative processes in cataract surgery, ranging from patient communication to the patient post op call.

For the next year, we will roll out a new module each quarter. The first module, Patient Communication, was presented at the Center Leader Conference with very positive feedback. This module included ideas ranging from online pre op screening to automated surgery reminders. Details are available on both Center Connect and Partner Connect.

Each quarter, Center Leaders will complete an online survey of their current practices. This allows Center Connect to provide customized recommendations and material for each Center. We encourage every center to create a Cataract Innovation task force, to keep the process moving ahead.

I encourage each of you to meet with your Center Leaders to discuss Cataract Innovation. Explore ways that your center can benefit from this program, or even better, provide us with new ideas to add to the program. Sharing best practices can make every center stronger.

At the Center Leader Conference in 2014 we will recap the program, share ideas and get feedback on what was learned over the past 12 months. Then once again, we will ask our Center Leaders…..Are you a Cataract Innovator?