Driving Growth with Enhanced Strategic Planning

By Sandy Clingan Smith- AVP, Ophthalmology Marketing

On Wednesday, September 11, the partners from Connecticut Eye Surgery Center South joined together for an intensive strategic planning session. The focus was on ensuring that the partners, along with Center Leader Lori Senetcen, shared a vision for the future of their center in Milford, Conn.

Several months ago, AMSURG joined with Bruce Maller Consulting (BSM) to strengthen the strategic planning process for our ophthalmology centers. Two of BSM’s senior consultants, Derek Preece and Maureen Waddle, have been working with AMSURG’s ophthalmology team to provide each Ops Lead the tools they need to conduct dynamic strategic planning sessions.

The session in Connecticut was the first session utilizing the new process. It involved a deep dive into the “state of the center”, along with an in-depth market analysis. Each partner was asked to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the center in advance, along with their assessment of future opportunities. Thanks to the advance work, the session focused on a robust discussion on the opportunities for that center, which ranged from adding retina, addressing scheduling issues, ACOs, femtosecond laser,  and  even becoming a ‘multi specialty’ center.  We were grateful to have sixteen of the partners engaged in the process that evening.