Highlights from San Diego: ASCRS Update 2015

The AMSURG eye team attended the ASCRS meeting in San Diego on April 17-21 and hosted a well-attended reception for AMSURG partners, center leaders and practice affiliates.

The team met with many vendors, including Alcon, AMO, Zeiss, Leica, LensAR and MST. They reviewed new products and had specific meetings with the Omidria and Mitosol representatives. Omidria’s release was one of the hottest topic on the floor. Laser cataract and surgical guidance/navigation were also popular topics as well as dropless surgery.

The OOSS symposium on Sunday, April 21 was a great success. The keynote speaker was Captain Sully Sullenberger, who walked through his experience landing his damaged aircraft on the Hudson River. He related this to AMSURG’s business in terms of the importance of training and leadership. Mike Romansky also updated on the on-going legislative initiatives of OOSS as well as discussion regarding sterilization and the recent discussions with CMS on this issue.