Increase in Screenings Reduce Colon Cancer Rates by 30 Percent

The incidence rate of colon cancer among Americans aged 50 and older, which has been declining since the mid-1980s, has dropped by 30 percent in the last decade! The study found the positive trend was most pronounced among older Americans. The rate of colon cancers among those 65 and over dropped about 7 percent a year from 2008 to 2010. Meanwhile, the percentage of Americans who are up-to-date on recommended colon-cancer screening rose from 55 percent to 65 percent during the past decade.   While this is great news, colon cancer remains the third most common cancer and the third leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. More than 136,000 new cases and 50,000 colon cancer deaths are expected this year. You can find more information about colon cancer and ways to get involved to raise awareness Help us continue to raise awareness for colon cancer and remind people to get screened!   Full Story