National Time Out Day- Providing High Quality Care to Every Patient, Every Time

AMSURG believes that quality and patient safety is paramount. In support of that belief, the company has recently launched a correct site/implant best practice training module under its Innovator* program umbrella. The program provides gold standard processes and tools to AMSURG centers in order to, as the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) states, “increase awareness of safe practices that lead to optimal outcomes for patients undergoing surgery and other invasive procedures.”   AMSURG”s commitment to best practices includes supporting National Time Out Day.  AORN created the national observance in 2004 in support of a “surgical nurses’ ability to speak up for safe practices in the operating room” because “a poorly executed time out or lack of team communication may indicate areas for improvement within a safety culture.”   Kathy Wilson, vice president Quality, underscored the importance of the event, stating, “National Time Out Day is an important reminder of what a critical role that process has in ensuring that the planned procedure is done.One of our speakers at a patient safety meeting told us that the most meaningful time out she had observed ended with the surgeon saying to the operative team, ‘Let’s do our best for Mrs. Jones.’ Think about the impact of that statement coming from the surgeon as a final reminder before the start of the case.”    In the lead up to National Time Out Day, AMSURG has encouraged all of its centers to communicate how the facility is committed to patient safety and has provided AORN tools to commemorate the event.   *Innovator is the gold standard best practices program for AMSURG centers; it is designed to assist in achieving and exceeding quality and efficiency outcomes in all clinical and business areas managed by an ambulatory surgery center.