New Study Proves (Again) – ASCs Save Time and Decrease Costs

Anew study in the May issue of Health Affairs demonstrates the important contributions of ASCs to the nation’s healthcare economy. The study, titled “Procedures Take Less Time At Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Keeping Costs Down and Ability to Meet Demand Up,” was authored by Elizabeth L. Munnich, an assistant professor of economics at the University of Louisville and Stephen T. Parente, a professor of finance and associate dean at the Carlos School of Management at the University of Minnesota.   The authors compared the time it took to complete procedures and discovered that “procedures performed in ASCs take 31.8 fewer minutes than those performed in hospitals – a 25 percent difference.” The authors note that “our findings suggest that ASCs provide an efficient way to meet future growth in demand for outpatient surgeries and can help fulfill the Affordable Care Act’s goals of reducing costs while improving the quality of health care delivery.”