Safety is our Priority

As one of the leaders in providing ambulatory surgery options for patients, we are deeply concerned by the recent stories that called out patient tragedies and undermined a proven healthcare service option to gain viewership and readers. In addition, we believe all outpatient surgery centers should follow strict licensing, accreditation and patient safety processes to ensure the highest quality care and safety.

For decades, ambulatory and outpatient surgery have been valid options for surgical care. These settings enable shorter recoveries and offer more affordable options for identified procedures.

At AMSURG, we partner with our physicians and employees to deliver the highest standards of care and quality. AMSURG centers are Medicare approved and undergo voluntary accreditation by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) or The Joint Commission. In addition, our centers voluntarily comply with the OAS CAHPS (Outpatient and Ambulatory Surgery Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) survey process. Each center’s Governing Board and medical staff review quality information every quarter to ensure a culture focused on safety, quality, and the patient experience. We pride ourselves in providing every patient with personalized care.

All patients undergo a complete health assessment and medical history review to ensure they are an appropriate candidate for care in an ambulatory surgery center. Based on the medical condition of the patient, medical history, and the planned surgery, the physician may determine that the patient should receive care in a hospital.

Our clinical quality team is focused on ensuring our teams continuously review quality and patient safety data in each center. Operational and clinical staff members review quality metrics monthly with a goal of continually meeting and exceeding patient expectations. However, like all surgical procedures, even those in the hospital, there are risks. Patients should review those risks with their physician before making a final decision on their care.

We want to assure our current and future patients that our ambulatory surgery centers are committed to offering a safe, high quality patient experience. The ambulatory surgery environment is a safe and affordable option for those patients who meet health and medical review requirements.

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