Top Ten Health Industry Issues of 2016 from PricewaterhouseCoopers

PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Health Research Institute has issued its annual list of the “Top Ten Health Industry Issues of 2016.”

  1. Continuing consolidation among healthcare providers
  2. Increasing scrutiny of drug pricing leading to new models
  3. Increased usage of mobile devices in delivering healthcare solutions
  4. Protecting medical devices and technology from cyber threats
  5. Creating and disseminating new financial management tools for consumers (patients) with high deductible health plans
  6. Increasing focus on the importance of destigmatizing and treating behavioral healthcare
  7. Continuing migration of healthcare from inpatient settings to new community-based sites of service
  8. “Big Data” driving improvements in patient care
  9. Decreasing drug costs due to increased use of “biosimilar” drugs
  10. Continuing emphasis on calculating and understanding true medical costs to drive new payment models in the shift from fee-for-service to fee-for value

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