Video Spotlight: Insight into Incorporating a New Endoscopy Center Procedure

Incorporating new procedures in the surgery center or endoscopy center setting can be a good way to serve new patients as well as increase center growth. However, there are policies that need to be followed and protocols that need to be established before the first new procedure is performed.

In a new video, gastroenterologist Dr. Paul Allegretti from Lancaster Gastroenterology Procedure Center in Lancaster, Pa., shares his experiences in incorporating the fecal transplant procedure in the outpatient endoscopy center setting. The fecal transplant procedure has been shown to be effective in treating various digestive conditions, including Clostridium difficile or C. diff infections.

“The best advice to give other gastroenterologists who might be considering this procedure is to make sure you obviously review the literature, have your protocol in place . . . Very rewarding and worth it once you’re able to do those things…”

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