VP for Facilities Management and Construction Graduates from the Nashville School of Law

Daniel Buehler, our VP for Facilities Management and Construction, recently graduated from the Nashville School of Law (NSL) with a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree. Buehler headed back to law school as an extension of his duties at AMSURG – which include managing our portfolio of over 250 leases and real estate transactions. “I had some solid experience in dealing with the issues, but wanted to augment my base of knowledge with the technical aspects of the law” Buehler said.   Four years, three nights per week – the NSL program is designed to allow professionals to obtain their law degree while working full time. “I had to re-introduce myself to my wife after graduating – but it was worth it”. Buehler already sees significant advantage in having achieved this distinction –  “I use it every day, and it was well worth the investment of time”.  Buehler credits his family and colleagues with helping him make it through the program “I didn’t do this alone – it was a team effort – I have a tremendous group of people around me, at home and at AmSurg”.      Buehler graduated in December 2013 and will sit for the Bar in February.