What Does it Mean to Be an Accredited Surgery Center?

Did you know that our surgery centers have already attained or are seeking voluntary accreditation? Accreditation means that the center has achieved adherence to the exacting standards and guidelines established by the national accrediting bodies such as the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc., or The Joint Commission.

Like Medicare certification, achieving accreditation is a hallmark of surgery center quality and requires a substantial commitment of time and resources. Center and corporate staff devote their efforts to understanding, implementing and documenting the ways in which each surgery center meets (or exceeds) the specifications required for accreditation. We conduct mock surveys in advance of the actual visits by the accrediting organizations in order to be fully prepared.

Our accreditation experts have prepared for and participated in hundreds of successful surveys. We gather and share the information we learn from our ongoing accreditation activities in a quarterly newsletter which we provide to every AMSURG center. These tips, gained from real experience, promote each center’s continuous quality improvement efforts.

Members of the AMSURG Quality team actually serve as national surveyors (although, of course, they do not participate in the surveys at AMSURG centers!). One currently serves on the AAAHC Standards Development Committee that actually establishes the measures by which surgery centers are evaluated.

AMSURG is also in a Corporate Quality Alliance with AAAHC, which provides us with additional educational resources and discounts.

Our efforts to attain and maintain accreditation at AMSURG surgery centers are just another example of our enduring commitment to quality patient care.