Who Is the True Star of a Live Surgery Event?

I just had the privilege of watching a live surgery event for the first time. I sat at an AMSURG center, while four of the best ophthalmologists in the country performed cataract surgery using the very latest equipment. It was sent, via high definition satellite, to the New Orleans convention center so that several thousand ophthalmologists could learn from these well respected surgeons. A large crew of people worked hard to make sure that the production was flawless. Live telecasts are difficult, even when they don’t involve surgery.

But, to me, the stars were the surgery center staff who worked quietly behind the scenes to do what they do best. They cared for the patients. They made sure the four patients were relaxed and comfortable, even as a swarm of crew members flowed by. They calmly answered questions, ignoring the nearby cameras. They thoroughly reviewed post-surgery instructions, tuning out the sounds drifting in from the nearby control room. They did just what they do every day. They cared for patients.

I admire the people who transformed the waiting room to a TV station in just two days. But my gratitude goes out to the caring surgery center staff who gave up their Saturday night to take care of those patients so well. Thanks to Judy Dufrechou, our caring Center Leader, and the exceptional staff of the Ambulatory Surgery Center of Louisiana. They weren’t on camera tonight, but they were the stars in my mind!


By Sandy Smith, AVP, Ophthalmology Marketing