AMSURG Advantage

IMG_8620The AMSURG Advantage is what makes us a top surgery center management company and is why physicians at more than 255 surgery centers across the country have chosen us as their surgery center partner. AMSURG offers a wide variety of experts and services ready to help you keep your ambulatory surgery center (ASC) operating at an optimum level. AMSURG provides innovative surgery center management services and solutions focused on surgery center profitability, operational efficiencies, quality and stakeholder satisfaction.

Surgery Center Profitability – AMSURG surgery center management services focus on increasing revenues and decreasing costs to improve surgery center performance and profitability. As investors in the ASC along with our physician health system partners, our relentless pursuit of improving the surgery center’s business operations delivers returns on our mutual investment. However, we do not allow this emphasis on performance to compromise the commitment to quality patient care that we share with our physician partners.

Each surgery center is a unique small business in its local community. Recognizing there is no single blueprint for ensuring surgery center profitability, AMSURG experts customize growth engine components for each surgery center’s market and circumstances. AMSURG tools and tactics for surgery center growth include:

  • Digital and traditional local marketing expertise
  • Referring physician marketing
  • Physician recruitment
  • National patient awareness, education and referral campaigns, including, and
  • Strategic business planning
  • Surgery center contracting specialists offering payer contract negotiation, review and ongoing fee schedule analysis
  • Group purchasing power for medical supplies and services, controlling surgery center costs through economies of scale
  • Surgery center supply chain management experts

IMG_8894Surgery Center Operational Efficiencies – AMSURG provides our surgery center partners with proven and effective surgery center management expertise. We deliver leadership and guidance on every aspect of the surgery center’s operations and administration, positively impacting the ASC process and experience for the center’s physicians, clinical staff, business staff, referring physicians and patients. AMSURG areas of operational expertise include:

  • Optimization of surgery center processes, policies and procedures to improve surgery center productivity and efficiency
  • Surgery center revenue cycle management and other business operations capabilities
  • Data-driven decision-making with surgery center benchmarking and analytics derived from more than 20 years of experience with a large and diverse group of AMSURG surgery centers – single specialty and multispecialty, in large or mid-size to small health care markets, in states across the country
  • Identification, implementation and dissemination of surgery center best practices across the significant network of AMSURG centers
  • Surgery center experts with specialization in all aspects of surgery center management, including clinical, marketing, financial reporting, IT, insurance, human resources and facilities management, combined with an unmatched breadth of resources

Surgery Center Quality – As payers transition from paying for volume to paying for value and patients grow increasingly engaged in directing their own health care, how will physicians demonstrate the quality and worth of the care they strive to deliver in the surgery center setting?  AMSURG is a pioneer and innovator in the surgery center quality movement, helping define and establish industry standards. Clinical and IT specialists develop and implement the programs, metrics and reporting systems to participate and lead in quality and transparency initiatives.  Surgery center quality expertise and leadership at AMSURG encompasses:

  • Accreditation
  • Center Assessments
  • CMS Quality Measures
  • Credentialing
  • Infection Control
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Quality Studies
  • Benchmarking
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Risk Management

Surgery Center Stakeholder Satisfaction – AMSURG’s primary function is to serve the surgery center stakeholders, which include our physicians and health systems partners, center staff and patients. AMSURG regularly solicits feedback from stakeholders, studies the responses and institutes new programs and initiatives to respond to their needs and priorities.

Improving patient experience is a cornerstone of health care reform. AMSURG has long focused on patient satisfaction in the surgery center setting and continues to institute new programs to support all aspects of the patient’s surgery center journey, from scheduling to billing and from reception to recovery.

AMSURG’s focus on surgery center stakeholders includes:

  • Ongoing physician, staff and patient satisfaction surveys with benchmarking and lessons learned
  • Online portals to communicate and share resources and news with physician partners and center staff
  • Online continuing education and training opportunities for the surgery center’s clinical and business staff, as well as national AMSURG conferences for networking and sharing of best practices
  • Online tools for patient registration, cost estimates and bill paying
  • AMSURG Cares – our patient satisfaction initiative which focuses on increasing the proficiency, training and professionalism of surgery center front office staff, the frontline of the patient experience