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Through our growing participation in the GIQuIC registry, together we are improving colonoscopy care for all.

AMSURG thanks our physician partners for your commitment to quality and your support of GIQuIC, the Gastroenterology Quality Improvement Consortium. Since 2013, we have made a significant impact—adding more than two million colonoscopy reports in the GIQuIC registry. Accounting for nearly 25 percent of the registry, our participation includes more than 120 ambulatory surgery centers and 1,000+ physicians.

As one of the first centers to use GIQuIC, we have been able to monitor and improve quality over time. We have seen continuous improvement in our quality, making a difference in our patient outcomes and lives.

Paul Brown, M.D.

Louisville Endoscopy Center,
Louisville, Kentucky

AMSURG Key Trends and Learnings

Through GIQuIC, AMSURG has the ability to measure quality performance and adjust practices, resulting in continuous gains in quality performance and outcomes for our patients. From adenoma detection rates (ADR) to withdraw times, AMSURG physician partners are preforming above industry benchmarks as well as identifying trends that can be used to positively impact our patients.

Quality Improves Over Time with GIQuIC

Performing Above National Benchmarks

Withdrawal Time Directly Impacts ADR

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