Patient Safety a Top Priority Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


COVID-19 has had far-reaching impacts on our lives, with medical procedures and surgeries deemed “elective” and postponed in order to slow the virus’s spread. In reality, these procedures are far from optional: delaying medical interventions can result in increased health problems, such as later-stage cancer diagnoses.

Increased Patient Safety Measures to Combat COVID-19

In recent weeks, our ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) have resumed elective cases and implemented a number of protocols to ensure patient safety. These measures include:

  • Screening everyone who enters our surgery centers for COVID-19 symptoms
  • Taking the temperature of every person who enters our surgery centers
  • Requiring masks for all employees and patients
  • Enforcing social distancing guidelines
  • Requesting patient escorts remain in the car until patient is ready to go home
  • Increasing cleaning of high-touch surfaces throughout the day
  • Providing hand sanitizer and tissues

Learn more about all of the steps our ASCs are taking to keep patients safe.

Patients Feel Safe at Our Surgery Centers

Patients who have already returned to our ASCs have first-hand experience of the new protocols in action. Their feedback has been extremely positive, with reactions like:

“During this COVID-19 time, I was especially nervous about my procedure but was immediately greeted by the friendliest nurse around. She was very courteous and kept asking if I was fine. She prepared me for the procedure by carefully doing everything that needed to be done and listened to me. The rest of the staff was also very professional and took great care of my needs. Thank you all for a great experience that I hopefully won’t have to repeat for a while.” – San Antonio, April 2020

“Even during these crazy times, I was treated with the utmost respect, courtesy, and care. My doctor and her amazing team took the necessary steps to make sure I wasn't put at greater risk during my procedure. They ensured all my questions were answered, and I was 100% ready going into and out of the procedure.” – Escondido, April 2020

 “Every social distancing precaution that I have learned was practiced from the front entrance to the check-in desk to the exam rooms to my time with my doctor and my exit. They were all efficient and caring before the virus and that certainly was the case at this visit also.” -  Knoxville, May 2020

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