Herbert Hall: Bringing Military Tech Expertise to Civilian Healthcare Operations


Commitment to the mission is critical for active duty and veteran military. The military professionals who make up Envision Healthcare are committed to our mission of improving life in our communities one moment at a time. In recognition of their efforts, we are proud to share the stories of some of Envision Healthcare’s talented and dedicated military professionals.

Envision Healthcare is proud to feature Herbert Hall, AMSURG Senior IT Service Desk Analyst, as part of our ongoing recognition of military professionals who have served their country.

Herbert Hall, AMSURG senior IT service desk analyst, is a role model and team leader among his colleagues.

“Herbert is an important asset to the Service Desk and AMSURG IT as a whole,” said Kevin Williams, AMSURG service desk senior director. “He has established a reputation for quality and professionalism throughout our organization. His military career helped him develop many of his most important leadership traits, and he has earned the trust of his teammates and leadership — he will complete anything asked of him.”

Before he joined AMSURG, Herbert Hall spent 22 years in the United States Army, enlisting at 17 as a private and rising to the rank of master sergeant, where he worked as a network control chief with the 5th Special Forces Group. Hall completed tours in Germany, France, Afghanistan and Iraq and served at Fort Campbell on the Kentucky-Tennessee border when he was stateside.

From Army to AMSURG

Communication is an essential skill in the Army, and Hall is among the very best. At an early stage in his career, Hall began honing his public speaking and presentation skills: “My superiors tasked me with giving PowerPoint presentations to 150 people. This taught me to set goals and be detail-oriented. When I was assigned a task, I was very good at backward planning.”

Backward planning or backward design is a process that educators use to help their team achieve essential goals. The military uses this technique because it starts with the end goal and works in reverse. Focusing on the result helps educators create projects, presentations, scenarios and lessons that help team members achieve success and accomplish pre-determined objectives.

Hall’s backward planning skills are an asset to his present career as a senior IT service desk analyst. As he sets up webinars, executive board meetings and presentations, he works backward from the end goal and ensures each piece of technology is working correctly.

Often, Hall is one of the first points of contact during the onboarding process for newly-hired employees. “My goal is to determine what the employee needs and to complete the task from start to finish,” he said. “I install, configure and support desktop systems based on customer service requests.”

Currently, one of his main projects is the Windows 7 Migration Remediation/Removal. "This process, which requires attention to detail, is necessary and purposeful," Hall said.

When he is not serving the AMSURG team, Hall enjoys volunteering at his church. “I like to perform operations as an audio/video tech for churches, and I help with the microphones and sound mixing board.”

Hall also enjoys mentoring children in his community. “I share my past experiences with them to help them see how I have achieved my goals,” he said. “Mentoring kids helps keep them focused and on track. I count it as a privilege.”

AMSURG and Military Professionals

Hall says he enjoys his role at AMSURG, and he hopes the company will continue to hire military personnel. One piece of advice he offers to military professionals is to take the time to ease into their roles as they observe the differences between military and civilian culture. “For example, ‘Roger’ means ‘I understand’ in military jargon, but that terminology does not show up in the private sector. You have to step back, assess and approach people a little differently.”

This December, Hall will celebrate two-and-a-half years with AMSURG, and he looks forward to continuing to serve the company. “AMSURG has a great culture and provides a welcoming place for military personnel. I receive a great deal of support from all the departments,” he explained. “I have a mission to accomplish every day, but it is great to have fun while I’m at work.”

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