AMSURG Physician Partnerships

1280_QKX4F5rBfFr4A partnership with AMSURG means a relationship with the leading ambulatory surgery center (ASC) manager and operator. We have more than 25 years of experience and our expertise allows us to deliver on our commitments to you, your partners and your patients.

In today’s high-stakes world, physicians are concerned with a variety of risks that may impact their ability to deliver patient care. Changes to the system driven by healthcare reform and increasing consolidation imperil the autonomy many physicians enjoy today.

At AMSURG, we strive to forge mutually beneficial business relationships with physicians by providing a range of strategic and operational services that ensures your focus remains on your patients. Our typical surgery center partnership is operated under a consensus management business model, with the center’s operating board comprised of equal representation by the physician partners and AMSURG.

We are uniquely positioned to help you reduce risk and provide your surgery center with the elements you desire in a business partner:

  • Since 1987, we have created partnerships with more than 2,000 physicians to buy or build 250+ centers across the nation. We have unparalleled experience and expertise in buying, building, developing and managing surgery centers. We are one of the most active buyers of surgery centers in the country, paying cash for an ownership stake in your surgery center.
  • Each AMSURG center is paired with a team of surgery center business and clinical experts who understand the surgery center business model and the unique challenges of the healthcare industry. We deliver the expert resources you need to succeed.
  • As experts in surgery center management, we can help improve your center’s efficiency and operations while maintaining the high quality standards you and your patients expect.
  • If appropriate for your market, AMSURG has a flexible approach to potential collaborative surgery center joint ventures. Our goal is to assess potential health system partnerships to ensure aligned goals and mutual benefits for the physicians, hospitals and AMSURG.

AMSURG: the Gold Standard of Surgery Center Partners

1280_IwfUmSzSsYj1You have a choice in surgery center partners. Physicians at more than 250 surgery centers have chosen AMSURG as their business partner.

AMSURG’s commitment to our physician partners is the foundation our company’s growth and success is built upon. Surgery centers only succeed when physicians succeed. That’s why our priorities are to:

  • Provide an environment that allows our physician partners to continuously improve, adapt and grow
  • Assist in the care of your patients and support your practice
  • Position ASCs to not only survive but thrive in this era of healthcare reform, accountable care and transparency

Although healthcare is local, you can benefit from a surgery center partnership with national scope and perspective. AMSURG supports the empowerment of independent physicians like you to achieve your personal and professional goals by providing innovative management, clinical support and strategic services.

If current market forces feel like a risk to your surgery center business, consider AMSURG as your partner for the future. You won’t give up total control of your center; instead, you will gain a partner with operating and deep resources who is committed to your overall success.

Interested in learning more about collaborative and strategic surgery center partnerships? Have questions about selling or building a new surgery center? Contact us by email or at 877.741.0085.